"Help us find missing children in the Mid-South & Tennessee by joining our text alert group. Text "LOST" to 51555 to join and stay informed."

Tennessee 100 Club 



The Saving Lost Kids Tennessee 100 club will consist of 100 members only. The clubs donations will go to the support of the healing needs and the safety and well being of the girls that will be residing on the big cedar healing ranch. 



The Tennessee 100 Club will be the lifeblood of the Big Cedar Healing Center. We have two or three locations in the running to be our first healing center. Typically, an opportunity costs around $500,000. So when the 100 club is full, it will amount to $50,000, which will be ready to be used to make a down payment.  For year one, we are asking all members to pay the entire $500 at once, and then in year two, you will have the choice of a one-time payment of $500, $50 per month, or $10 per week.


Brother Junipers is a huge supporter of Saving Lost Kids, and when we have our 100 members set and completed, they will be providing the members with a 5-star dining experience for our kick-off dinner.  The dinner will include a keynote speaker and a great atmosphere to get to know your new fellow club members.


We will also be giving our members their own TN 100 club pin and a Saving Lost Kids challenge coin. More information is to follow about that.

Thank you in advance for either joining or considering joining the TN 100 club, and please share this with a friend. We will let everyone know when our membership has hit its goal and is complete.


If your company provides a matching donation please submit your tax deductible donation so we can double your donation!